In 1997, the question was raised why persons with disabilities should have their own congress? Many people thought they would not have the necessary intellectual understanding. They might even pollute the convention center or it would be too dangerous for them to visit a city like Berlin! However the first congress was realized in 1998 with 500 participants from all over Europe and it was a big success. Because of their wish to meet again, every three years another congress took place in Europe. Since 2009 this impulse has spread throughout the world, mostly to so called developing countries. Now, the first World Congress will be realized in Russia in 2017. These are special events for persons who are regarded as being handicapped. By attending they have the opportunity to travel, to meet with others in similar situations and from different countries, to share experiences and to simply become friends.

Beside their disabilities those people also possess a wide variety of abilities. They are skilled and creative human beings who can empower society to become more generous. Through whom do we get a better chance to improve ourselves regarding self-development? How can we help them to develop their potential, where can they present them? Worldwide congresses are exemplary when it comes to transforming disabilities into abilities. The result can be compared to a piece of art, which is not presented in a museum, but recognized within the human soul. From this perspective, congresses are events for social artists!

Last but not least these events are organized as a free initiative, not based on an organisation or connected funds but on enthusiasm. If you are inspired to join in organizing a congress please contact me by emailing to info@socialartist.events.

Thomas Kraus

Thomas Kraus (Berlin/Germany)

Initiates congresses for persons with disabilities worldwide since 1998

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