17 – 19 February 2012 in Nakhon Nayok / Thailand



111 participants attended the first congress in Asia. It took place in a resort surrounded by nature on the outskirts of Bangkok. Two months earlier this would not have been possible due to the flooding of large areas of Thailand. On 17 February 2055, at least according to the Buddhist calendar, the congress was opened with a “welcome party for the soul”. Each participant got a floral wreath around his neck with blessings and good wishes. Candlelight atmosphere accompanied by Asian sounds of a knee violin and a zither contributed to this touching opening ceremony. The temperature at night did not fall below 25 degrees. Everyday, flute sounds at sunrise woke all participants who then went about practicing yoga together on the meadow. There was also Thai boxing and an excursion to a national park. In the evening, those participants who initially seemed to be more reserved showed their skills on stage as dancers, singers and actors, surprising even their own parents. After three intensive days, the congress ended with a Buddhist ceremony and everybody returned together to the capital. Now the congress initiative left traces in Asia – the land of smiles.