21 – 24 April 2014 Buenos Aires / Argentina




After three congresses in Brazil, it was the first time that a congress took place in Argentina. 70 participants from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Germany met on the outskirts of Buenos Aires under the topic of friendship. Through Skype a simultaneous meeting in Sao Paulo was connected as well. The joy was enormous, when the friends visiting Argentina appeared on the large screen at home. There were observations of nature, roundtable discussions, leather, felt and painting workshops, eurythmy and sport activities and of course music and dance. In the morning, plenary participants – perhaps for the first time – told about their biographies often characterized by painful experiences. According to a participant “people with special qualities” were meeting here. On the last evening at the campfire, under the wonderful sky of Argentina, some deep friendships were established. This flame is set to carry on. The participants hope that the next Congress will be held in Colombia!