25 – 28 January 2018 in Kalasin / Thailand

„We are all in one circle“

Every two years since 2012 the congress held in Thailand. This year we were invited to a resort  in Kalasin, agricultural province in the northeast of the country. 200 participants came to this wonderful place and lived together for four days in old Thai style houses surrounded by nature. Delegates, professionals and parents from Laos and Vietnam also joined the gathering.

We planted congress trees at the place where 10 years ago the soil has completely dried out.  We visited one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries where monks have prayed for more than 300 years now. In the morning circles after the yoga different circles of life were discussed. An inclusive cultural evening program was presented and the meals offered by the „Laos Cowboys“ were delicious. Participants joined one of 8 workshops, where they were able to paint, dance and even learn how to cook the famous Thai food. The conversation  group for parents and professionals led to a „positive shock“. The perspective changed from being a manager of the disabled person towards becoming an open-minded friend who is trying to understand the needs and skills instead of correcting behavior!

During the closing ceremony a candle has passed from one person to the other and everyone could express their thoughts and hopes. It remains burning and illuminates the time until the beginning of the 5th Congress, which is already on the way.