8 – 11 March 2016 Cali / Colombia

Just as many people from the same countries as in Argentina travelled to the Andes at 1,000 metres above sea level. The sun was shining and butterflies and parrots accompanied us every day. The congress theme was communication. All participants communicated with each other, even the deaf and dumb. Also with nature, with trees and animals, with the heavens, with angels and gods and even with those who already died. “You ask them questions and then wait for the answers that come in thoughts”, said one participant, whose father had died only a few weeks before.

What kind of individuals gathered there? A young woman in a wheelchair typed into her smartphone because she can’t speak: “We are teachers of love!” She is looking for a university at which she can study law, in order to help other people with disabilities. Despite her severe disability, she joined in all of the activities, whether in the swimming pool or dancing in her wheelchair at the evening rumba. At the excursion to the lookout tower, she was carried by others.

At the last day, an older participant called out to the others, “You are happier than all of those who work all the time, who have many things and many problems and spend all day planning. I am happy to be united with you.” The reply came quickly, “I am happy to go back to the crazy world now.” The congress ended with a closing celebration at a park in Cali, with over 150 people present, including the waiting parents. One of them expressed their impressions, “people with disabilities are like a brotherhood”. The 6th South American congress is already in the planning.