7th South American Congress in Argentina April 2024

The 7th South American Congress took place from April 23-26, 2024 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More than sixty people from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Russia and Germany came together. Exactly 10 years after the first congress in Argentina. Since then, monthly meetings of the participants have been held, and in Brazil since 2009, where every congress is prepared. For example, the topic “Through you I find myself”. There were many opportunities to get to know the other person and ourselves better through them.

The quality of the encounters and the social atmosphere were amazing. Despite the different languages spoken, such as Spanish, Portuguese and English, there were no barriers and a very positive and warm atmosphere. In the workshops, the topic was explored in depth in a variety of ways. One afternoon, we went on a bus trip to the city centre and visited a world-famous theatre and a church.

At the final round everybody shared its own impressions and it was very clear that this movement has to be continued. It is planned for 2026 in Brazil.