24 – 27 April 2018 in Piriápolis / Uruguay

“The light that shared love gives us”

The 6th Congress in Latin America was held 24 – 27 April 2018 in Piriápolis, Uruguay. Around 50 participants from Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Germany came together. The group lived together in a nice and cozy venue surrounded by pure nature. The weather forecast predicted rain for the whole week but the sunrays accompanied us from the very first moment until the closing of the congress.

In workshops participants taught how to play chess and make chocolate, clay modeling and discussed in a conversation group about questions like: what is the substance of light and the universe? Wild animals were discovered in a natural park and everybody enjoyed the beach and wanted to get into the waves of the cold Atlantic Ocean. Here are some notes of the organizers in Uruguay:

“We all remained with a strong impression of the days spent together and only those who were there experiencing and feeling know how special it was. So it is difficult to put it into words. It was great not knowing, not seeking or expecting anything; and suddenly letting yourself be surprised, even feeling: the harmony, the warmth; feeling the forces of communion that we have all formed. The afterimages of these days appear today for one reason or another, but what has remained within us with living, transforming power will accompany us on our path into the future.”

We all are looking forward meeting again in two years somewhere else in Latin America.